Tuesday, January 18, 2011

studio plans !

Last night I found a great sample program on the web to draw some studio plans with- yaaay! It's called SmartDraw, and you get a free seven day trial.
Pictures didn't post in the order I thought they would, so this is interior, looking toward back door. There will also be a large shelf above the back door, which will provide up to 16 feet wide by 4ft high additional storage. (ceiling open to the rafters-)
Second one is overhead view, the rectangles are skylights. Planning on daylight flourescents running the length of the inside, plus plenty of outlets
for important things like the computer and coffee pot. (if this place had a bathroom, I could live here-) Pink dots are outlets, building is 24 feet long.
Last one is the front view. No, that area over door doesn't slant back, it's flat. The white line shows where a shed roof will go, over a four foot porch. I really wanted a double french or sliding glass door, but I'm not sure if that wouldn't be too much, structurally, for the SIPS to support. (structurally insulated panels- prefab-). Getting very excited about this project now- will post pictures of the cross section of the SIPS tomorrow so you can see what I'm talking about. You can check out the SIPS thing by googling eco-panels.
PLEASE, if you have any input, ideas, problems, anything else that I might not have thought of, let me know your thoughts, I would so appreciate it!

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Karen Jacobs said...

Fun party house... can't wait for the invite!