Monday, January 10, 2011

Studio: It's a start

This is to be the site for my new studio.We have had some of the big pine trees cut down, and the stumps ground. Next comes the rest of the site prep, grading and building the support pillars that will hold the building up.
We will be building the studio with a new kind of building system called SIPS- structural insulated panels. It is supposed to be very energy efficient and goes up quite fast- each panel will be about 4 feet wide by 8 tall for the walls, and a cathedral ceiling.
I'm planning on 16 x 24 feet. No, no skylights, sorry, they are bad about leaking. Here is the builder: google eco-panels
Will post a pix of a sample of the panels they use soon. I'm planning on posting about this as we go along, as I found only one or two blogs on this topic on the internet. Hope it helps someone else!
Can not WAIT to have a place to work again!

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Karen Jacobs said...

This will be fun to follow! Had not heard about the eco panels... good for you!