Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Give me a hand, here

decided to work on my drawing today, not able to get out paints right now. (I'm supposed to be doing tax forms- yecch!) But wait, art is my JOB, isn't it? Let the taxes wait a few more minutes.
Anyway, if you feel like you haven't done anything difficult lately, draw some hands and feet. Good grief. No wonder people charge more to include them in portraits.

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Patti Mollica said...

Anne, i heard about Andrew Loomis this summer and recently his name popped up again from a friend who is a wonderful draftsman. Andrew Loomis wrote a series of books on drawing that are the bible for many accomplished contemporary painters, one being Peggi Kroll Robers. His books have been put into pdf formate and are downloadable for free - here is a link to "Drawing Heads and Hands". And there are always the Bridgeman book, the classics in this area. Hope this helps - your drawings look great!