Saturday, November 8, 2008

Got back Wednesday from spending three days painting in the Smokies. It was wonderful - the color was amazing, brilliant golds just surrounding you. My biggest problem was deciding on a subject to paint. The painting on the bottom shows it, too. Too much going on, not simplifyed as it should have been.

The one on the top I did in Cades Cove, racing the sunset. Being in the valleys was a problem: the mountains shade them, so you only have a couple or three hours in the middle of the day when it was full daylight there. Cades Cove was good because it was so open. I painted next to the road, and I think the tourists going by thought I was one of the attractions, like the deer and the wild turkeys. Just some exotic species to photograph. ("and here's the crazy woman we saw, who was painting the slide, please-") I even got video taped by a park ranger for a podcast they were planning for how people use the park.

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