Thursday, September 11, 2008

Serendipity- the right place at the right time

This morning, I grudgingly dragged myself out of bed, examined the bags under my eyes, and forced myself to get dressed to go meet my painting group. I sooooo did not want to go today.

But I went anyway. We were supposed to meet in the historical district here in town.

I was the first one there, and I set up and began painting. Eventually, three other members showed up- we have around 12 in the group. The woman who owned the house drove by and spoke to one of the other painters, then asked me if I was going to sell my painting.

Well, of COURSE I was. She gave me fifty bucks cash , and I gave her an eight by ten that otherwise would have sat in the stack in my closet. And then, her husband asked me to paint their lake house as well.

Some days, the universe works in your favor- I guess it's true, success is 90% showing up.


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