Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Finally, a warm sunny day-

It was wonderful weather Sunday morning- 65 degrees, sunny, a little breeze. I had permission from a local restaurant, the Cypress Inn, to paint their cherry trees out front. Need to learn to do a tiny sketch first to warm up- I'm not happy with the giant backwards "N" the trees in the background make! I'm thinking major tree surgery will be required on this one.
The second one I really like- it's one of those rare ones that photos not as well as the original. I have a bunch of Raymar panels that I bought, with a fairly rough surface. I'd forgotten how hard it was to photo that!
On the heels of our good weather came bad- lots of severe storm warnings through the night. I managed to stay awake till midnight, when it seemed most of it would go south of us. Left the window (unscreened) open about 8 inches so I could hear the local tornado siren if it went off. So this morning I wake up, and my cat has left me a delightful "present" in my bedroom- a dead bird. Oh, thanks, you shouldn't have, really.
My daughter had told me she had seen the cat taking leaps at the bird feeder (hate I missed seeing that one-) so apparently, she finally managed to connect on one of her leaps. I'm glad house cats aren't six feet long, or they'd be stalking US.

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