Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Quick trip to Florida...

So I took a break a few weeks ago, and went to Florida to meet my Alabama Plein air friend, Glenda, and finally get to meet a friend from, Linda Blondheim. We had a wonderful breakfast, and I was so happy to be with painting friends and looking forward to painting with them. So the first thing I did when I left the parking lot was smack into Linda's sister's car, giving her a big scrape mark on the side . With a State Trooper sitting right by the side of the road watching me. It was a genuine "oh, S**T !!!" moment. Fortunately, Linda was wonderful about it, and the State Trooper, I have to say, was a very funny guy. It was (almost) a pleasure to get a ticket from such a nice person. I hugged his neck for NOT giving me a reckless driving ticket. Ever had one of those?? It's the gift that keeps on taking- runs your insurance right on up there.
Anyway, these two were done indoors the next day- we had a terrific thunderstorm while we were holed up in Linda's cozy studio painting. Linda was a wonderful hostess, and I learned a lot about making a living as an artist from listening to her. She is one smart cookie, and has a great sense of humor.

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Linda Blondheim said...

Anne it was wonderful to have you with me in Florida.