Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Plein Air painting, and a missed meeting

I did this one down by the river a couple of weeks ago- I love to paint

"nekkid" trees- their wonderfully twisty shapes are so interesting, and so hard to paint! This 11 x 14 took me a couple of hours.

I'm reaching that point in the year where I'm thinking, OK, enough with the browns, greys, and yellows- it's time for some color. Talk to me again in August- I'll be sick and tired of greens! Never satisfied!

I missed a good paintout with Alabama Plein Air Artists up in Decatur, Alabama, due to my car being in the body shop. Robin Roberts and Donna Chieves sent me some pictures of what I missed. If anyone knows who the people are, email me. I think the redhead is Robin, but I'm not sure. Love the red barn!

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n. rhodes harper said...

Hi Anne, We missed you in Decatur. I was looking forward to meeting you. I am the one in blue with the straw hat painting the laundry. It was a beautiful farm. I also met other new friend painters there and we had a ball. Nancy rhodes Harper